meng 162 - building systems
camosun college

week by week calendar

(please note: everything is due in a week unless otherwise specified.  assignments are due on wednesday's.)

week date notices & references notes assignments & labs
1 jan 8 - 12 Outdoor Air Standard (2004)

general design criteria (SI)

hvac system, supply air & outdoor air

tutorial notes

restaurant examination
- restaurant full -
- restaurant handout -
assignment 1
2 15 - 19  
diffuser performance data
SPD Type
(see pages 4 & 5
for SI performance data)

diffuser references

EH Price engineering section

diffusers supplier

EH Price website
diffuser selection procedure handout (EH Price)

... and...

diffuser selection example

tutorial notes
HVAC drawing sample

assignment 2
(solution - teacher's version)
3 23 - 27 psychrometric chart
supply ducts: layout & sizing

return & exhaust ducts (layout & sizing)
air and an introduction to psychrometrics


tutorial notes

lab 1
(due: 8 Feb 2017)

assignment 3

4 29 - Feb 2 psychrometric chart   
psychrometric summary sheet and examples
tutorial note

using today's weather to get a sense of the psychrometric chart

assignment 4

(Note: In Quesiton 3, part c ... take the enthalpy of the water dripping from the cooling coil to be 62.97 kJ/kg)

5 5 - 9
heat gain data

properties of water


(loose ends)

HVAC procedure
(to date)

tutorial notes
Psychrometric Whole System Problems
- Heating/Humidifying
- Cooling
(on the board)

assignment 5

6 12 - 16
Reading Break
13th to 16th
(That means no classes from Tuesday to Friday this week. Have fun! ... oh and, read.)

7 19 - 23
pressure drop in ductwork (fan pressure requirements)
- handout -
tutorial note
Work through the duct pressure loss example available in the course notes.

no new assignment this week

8 26 - Mar 2
House Construction on YouTube
Building a House

Insulating a Stud Wall
(don't do the vapour barrier like this!)

Vapour Barrier
(the right way)

Drywall & Taping

building construction and insulation

intro & examples:
building heat transfer
(heat loss/gain)

Thermal Performance of Buildings (someone elses introduction)
- breeze through the first 6 pages -
building construction and heat loss/gain
(resources: look at the left column)

assignment 6

9 5 - 9 Data

Climate Design Data
(Outdoor Design Conditions)
building heat loss data
(see link to the left)

building heat loss example

fenestration and solar gain

fenestration and solar gain software


heat loss workshop

Note: Bring your
Heat Loss Building Data

to the lab/tutorial class this week

lab 2
(due: due 1 week after your heat loss lab)

assgnment 7

10 12 - 16

The Final Project
(to be posted later in the term)

Multi-zone System Design

Building Control - Introduction
How to Layout a Space

architectural interior space layout data

tech building machine shop drawings
- image file -
- pdf file -

tech building wall, foundation & roof construction data
(for heat loss/gain study)

no assignment
(It would be good if you could get moving on your final project.)

11 19 - 23  

System Configuration
Configuration and Component Tour

Building HVAC Control System Introduction


12 26 - 30
Midterm Test

What will be be on the midterm?

Minimum Printed Material To Bring
(note: these all have been handouts)
Diffuser Selection
Duct Sizing
Psychrometric Summary
Pressure Drop in Ducts

(note: a Psychromeritc Chart will be provided)
(also note: feel free to bring other useful examples and supporting material as you see fit.)

Changes to this weeks class's schedule in both this class and Benj's

Read this document with care)


apr 2 - 6  
Lab and Lectures

As Usual This Week

You will be asked to report in on your final project progress.
Where you need help, help will be available. Come prepared.

Lectures (mandatory)
On Tuesday and Wednesday
Ryan will be giving a special lecture on Building system plumbing

On Thursday, Tariq will be giving a special lecture on the development of a large Vancouver Island hospital project he is responsible for.

On Friday, you are off the hook as Tariq has already given his talk to you folks.

9 - 13  
Midterm Hand-Back
(see note at the top of this page)

Project Work Time

This week class time will be devoted to working on the final project. There will be no 'formal' classes but I will be available during each class to assist you where I can.

Friday Holiday!
(It's Good Friday)
Final Project is Due

(Note that this Friday is a Holiday. It's Good Friday.)

17 - 25
Exam Week
(Note the Dates. Monday is a Holiday and the exam 'Week' carries on and on. Take a good look at the posted or online (Camlink) exam schedule.)